Based on the responses from the 120 GSU students surveyed about their opinions on assessing gender roles through print ads, each response was recorded accordingly:


1) When viewing print ads, which term best describes how the images make you feel about your looks?

(a) Confident(21) (b) Pretty good(19) (c) Neutral(61) (d) Self-conscious(18) (e) Unattractive(3)


2) Which term best describes how you feel about the opposite sex in print ads?

(a) Overwhelmed(3) (b) Aroused(37) (c) Neutral(73) (d) Not interested(4) (e) Turned-off(5)


3) Which term best describes your feelings when you see the opposite sex provocatively dressed in print ads?

(a) Turned-off(6) (b) Not interested(13) (c) Neutral(37) (d) Interested(58) (e) Excited(6)


4) In print ads, what is the common theme that you notice?

(a) Females being overly-feminine(25) (b) Males being overly-masculine(8) (c) Both(58) (d) Neither(13) (e) Unsure(18)


5) How much of an affect do you believe print ads have on the way you view gender roles?

(a) A lot(20) (b) Somewhat(43) (c) Unsure(15) (d) Very little(31) (e) None at all(10)


6) Where are you most likely to encounter a print ad?

(a) Magazine(80) (b) Newspaper(6) (c) Billboard(14) (d) Poster(0) (e) Flyers(10)


7) In general, print ads...

(a) Anger me(4) (b) Annoy me(28) (c) Does not affect me positively or negatively(52) (d) Entertain me(30) (e) Influence me(5)


8) In print ads, females are generally selling products aimed toward which gender?

(a) Females(29) (b) Males(29) (c)Both(55) (d) Neither(0) (e) Unsure(6)


9) In print ads, males are generally selling products aimed toward which gender?

(a) Females(19) (b) Males(53) (c) Both(38) (d) Neither(1) (e) Unsure(7)


10) Which group best describes your age range?

(a)18-20(39) (b) 21-23(73) (c) 24-25(12) (d) 26+(16)


11) What is your gender?

(a) Male(44) (b) Female(75)


12) Which response best describes your ethnicity?

(a) Caucasian(30) (b) African-American(66) (c) Hispanic(4) (d) Other(19)


Data Analysis



Upon coding the data, we were able to prove and disprove our hypotheses.


H1: Most of the female participants will agree that they are more influenced by print ads than male participants.




H2: The younger age range (18-20) will be more influenced by print ads than the older age range (25+) of participants.



H3: Participants will encounter more print ads in magazines than any other avenue of marketing mentioned in the survey.



H4: Female participants will be more negatively influenced, (i.e. less attractive attitude, low self-esteem) by print ads over male participants.


influenced by print ads.


H5: Male participants will not be able to distinguish gender roles in print ads.